Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1.5hr Foggy Urban Loop

Good day for fenders:)

Purdy much went the same route as Sundays ride. Started down Grand to thee Greenbelt, all was good til you get to the tracks by Sam & Gabes, this must be where Clive takes over....and their driver that clears snow just sucks ass. Long stretches of slushy ice 300yrds long behind the Wittern building, under 86th and I'm almost on me ass:) Ended up bailing

out on Swanson just like I did on Sunday....black label in Clive is covered in ice still. Once out on Swanson I putt down too 100th, up too Lincoln ave, over too NW 103rd where we go up on the 3 rollers too Clark. Here is where I encounter my first idiot, an older lady tried to cut me off just before the stop sign...I simply fisted her trunk yelling give me some fucking room...she obliged:) Down Clark too 104th, up 104th to West Town Prkwy and I'm on my way to meeting 3 more idiots not paying attention before I make it too 50th. Staying on WTP too 60th, 60th too EP True and I'm on my way home....once I crossed 50th I stayed on the large sidewalk/bike path and the route was all clear all the way home. Johnny, Jeff and I are rolling somewhere tonight not sure where yet.

Peace & Good Day


bluecolnago said...

be careful out there, brother....

Ryan said...

what time are you guys rolling out tonight?

Squirrel said...

Trying Blue:)

Ryan we'll leave my place at 4:30 I'd say...heading black label out too Jordan Creek Pkwy...then south on thee JC Pkwy to Booneville rd heading back into town via Grand Ave/urban streets:) Hope too see ya!