Monday, January 07, 2008

2.5hrs of Foggy, Icey Goodness

Sundays early morning ride welcomed me with lots of fog, slick streets, and slicker pave trails. No sooner then I was out Loushous texts me....Basso and Lou are at Hy-Vee having coffee. I rolled up just for a few minutes to bs, I had too ride early today as thee in laws were coming over around 10am and I wanted a couple hours of riding before getting back to hang out. Teri and I have a 30 day challenge going on.....she loves sweets and I love me beer.....5lbs in sweets, no beer:) I haven't had a beer since Thursday and the same for sweets til the mothernlaw brought over a banana cream pie yesterday. The deal was we'll drink all the beer eat all the sweets then start the challenge. The beer was gone but sweets still lingered, I was letting Teri take care of those. So yesterday I had 2 huge pieces of pie trying to kill it in a day:) There is another challenge that I'm doing.....thee other 30 day challenge....ride at least an hour everyday....I started this on Thursday also:) Riding sometime tonight...most likely after dark....we have to take Bianchi too the vet for shots, I'll be out once we're back:)

looking up Grand Ave..

somewhere in Clive on thee pave trail.....

waiting for Johnny and Govnr



Enjoy yer day mates:)



jason said...

commute weds?

Joe said...

Good times. Love the shot of the bike on the tracks!


Squirrel said...

what time do you want to meet Jason?