Sunday, December 02, 2007

Targhetto...Northern Trail Head...2:30pm Monday:)

Jacob, Wild Bill, Sterling, Jason, Loushous, Pete, Teri, and I some time in late 2005......Targhetto was cold as fuck that day:)



Pete Basso said...

Man, I remember that day well!! It was VERY cold as you mentioned, and I remember you and I both falling into a 2ft rutt filled with ice water heading down the road towards Beaver. I think we ended that ride soon after!! Wish I could join you today but I've got some appointments in the late afternoon. Looks like I might have to sit on the trainer tonight!!

Squirrel said...

I remember ending the ride at A.K. O'Conners way before noon, but being good and buzzed by noon:) Trainers blow ass!


jason said...

shitty commute today! managed too keep it upright, but had some close spills!

I think I'm driving Thursday and Friday, so I'll ride tomorrow and Wed.