Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ankeny Gravel Today

Johnny C and I are hitting the gravel flats on the outskirts of Ankeny @ 1:30 or shortly after that. If you want some meet at 2102 SE Creekview Drive....basically behind the Tones building. Another perfect day for a ride:)

A few shots of yesterdays ride, bailed on Targhetto, just tooled around:)

a slice of single...

all was good on the pavetrail.....although under that little dusting of snow is all ice:)

Do you know where this is located??

inside shot...great place for safety meeting ehy:)

a more acurate photo of what most of the pavetrail around the city looks like....I bet Jason layed one of those froozen tracks:) The bridge was the sketchiest part of me ride yesterday.



S.Fuller said...

Pave trail around here looks about the same. Damn deathtrap. Good thing I have some 29" wheels that have something other than a road tire on them.

jason said...

your last pic is where I bit it yesterday! ha. hit that ice and *BAM!* countless other near misses yesterday. crazy ride! Ice is hard when you hit it. :)

happy ridin' me brutha! tell Johnny I said hey. peace.

Will said...

Neil Smith looked the same as your picture this morning on my way to work. Hopefully it will warm up enough to melt some of that shit off today.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd need some wool to ride that, what's the latest on the rassy wool??

the mostly reverend said...

chad and i took the beards out tonight, and we quickly decided that the roads were much safer than the trails.

those frozen bike tracks were rougher than an electric bull in mickey gilley's on a saturday night. and if you think i don't know, then let me tell ya!