Monday, December 10, 2007

"Hunter" is being Born:)

a hunter needs a weapon...Ti arrows are tough too come by:)

Hhhhmmmmmm.....standing or kneeling.....

Stay tuned you'll know soon:)

went with the kneeling...

I give you "Hunter"



sydney_b said...


Justin said...

Squirrel is suffering from cabin fever & it's not even January yet!

S.Fuller said...

That's damn cool... I vote for kneeling. How are you gonna weld up a tall boy for him?? :)

Anonymous said...

That effin rocks..... Fred Bear would be proud.


Travel Gravel said...

He's not a hunter without prey! You want to sell multiple pieces don't you? I see also that you're closing in on 100,000 hits (on the blog that is.)Later!

gwadzilla said...

that is SWEET!

a few years back I made some insects out of bicycle parts

some dragon flies
and some butterflies
using old hubs as the body and spokes as the wings

but never did I involve the welder!

and yes
kent would dig it

he was in the tree stand at 5 am while his house guests were sleeping
there were plenty of does within range
but he was waiting for a buck!

good stuff!

it was fun shooting the target
I do not think I am ready for the hunt

good work with the welder!