Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another "Blooming Cassette"

My first one went to Greg Rasmussen of course:) So I had to make another one for Teri,Izzy and I. I have so many ideas.... this winter is going to be a hoot.....trainer....fuck that I'll be in the garage creating me next piece:) Yes "Hunter" needs a target....I'm working on it....funny I thought of a car first:)



jason wants his bike said...

DRIVING SUCKS BALLS! first decent day we need a morning meeting! peace brother!

Squirrel said...

I'm down:)


gwadzilla said...

wind chimes were my thing!

a few bottles and some chain rings

it took a massive wind
when they chimed
it made a beautiful sound!

that was my wedding gift to people a decade or so ago!

Buchanandale said...

That looks pretty sweet brother!!!

Rick said...

Nice work squirrel!!!! is that a snakeskin backed osage self bow next to the blooming cassette?