Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Exciting News for those going too Cross Nationals in Kansas City

Not so exciting for those whom are participating (although it could be) but more for those whom are spectating....you know..... those mother fuckers out there party'n their cold asses off....I'd bet Mikey likes it. Maybe if CVO is really hammered....



cvo said...

lick it, smoke it, it's all good.

leave me alone with it in a hotel room and I might have sex with it....

yeah, you never know what i'm gonna do when hammered...

gonna miss ya at nationals, I was hoping you were gonna make the trip.

the mostly reverend said...

smokin' ain't necessary, and let me tell ya why not:

you know how those frenchie's been eating frog legs since forever?

well, i've been dining on frog legs for years, too, except i use toad legs. i'll share the secret of my recipe with you, but i just want to let you know that i am NOT suggesting that you follow these steps to get high. rather, i am telling you about this step so that you'll fully enjoy the delightful flavor of fried toad legs. all ya gotta do is bang the crap out of those legs on the side and bottom of the skillet before your fry them up, then just flash fry them and gobble them up.

mmm mmmmmm.

that's good eating, those toad legs.
oh, and better wear a helmet!