Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USACE Says YES Too Mountain Bikes In Jester Park:)

Thee red outlined area isn't exact but you damn well should get the idea....this is a HUGE step in perhaps opening the door wide open in years too come.

Ryan Hanser...the next time you see him you'd better be thanking him for all his time, hell hand him a beer & slap his ass, then give him a big Ol'e KISS:) Ask if you can resharpen his big scissors as they have been cutting red tape for years on this one:) Thank You my Brutha!! Stay tuned too thee new CITA Blog for all thee info., sign up & register while your there is you think you care:)



the mostly reverend said...

part of that trail looks underwater, son! ;-))

looks great. thanks for bringing this to our attention.
i look forward to riding out there and riding out there.

Bake said...

Awesome news! That's considerably more land than we had scouted in the past though. Much more room to "develop".