Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Fall Rainy Ryde:)

Just what the doctor ordered:) Not much too say about the ride.....I putt-putted around had a couple beers....stopped by Chad and Dorothys place.....they are in home make over mode......they will be busy,busy.....that is good:) Dorothy is quite the little custom knitter.....Teri and I are going to take some lessons over wine and dinner....I'm excited....I want to make some sawheat hats.....better start off with the easy shit though.....a doylee perhaps:) Getting back out tonight for a little urbanna black label:) Fenders are cool kids:)

riding bliss:)

4 days of rain and more too come:( NEED KAYAK:)

Tattoo Dans custom foot pegs on his townie.....

New blood red Rassy bottles kick ass....I love red:)



Ed said...

Roll out to the west side B. I have a few pints for you and a game of pool or two! Plus you can take a look at an bike I want to convert to SS for Terra.


P.S. Sorry if this is posting more than once can't tell if it is sending the comments or not.

Craig (the original big ring) said...

haven't I seen a tat with the rasmussen logo or name somewhere before? I'm sure I have