Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prep Time

Clean'nm up before play time:)

This Brutha is Gary Lake (LakeRaven, Gomez, G-Love, etc..) and his silly ass is coming to HFF:) G-Love as I like to call him is thee master mind behind thee Gnome Fest scroll down the page til you see mates having way to good of a time:) that is Gnome Fest:) Teri and I first met ole' G-Love in KC at the first Midwest Mountain Bike Summit....I think it was 2001. A few years later G-Love and his cronies came up with the Gnome Fest to raise monies for the trails at 9 Mile Forrest....Teri and I made it to the first one and boy oh boy was it a hoot:) I would highly suggest Gnome Fest for a trip in 2008, think this year was its 5th instalment:)

Pack up the car tonight, then leave work around 2pm tomorrow, head too a party:) I'll most likly have more photos then one man should have of thee mayhem about to take place....see ya'll on Monday:)



cvo said...

give me a call when you guys get into town so we can meet up for a beer and mayhem at the hotel..

see ya soon bro.

cvo said...

do you have a link to the gnomes's blog or web sight?

2drunk2shift said...

still representin.