Friday, October 19, 2007

Surly Time:)

5 hrs from now I'll be pounding I'm sure my first of many Surly Ferious', without any of me local buddies:( I'm sure Teri and I will be making many new buddies over this beer & bike infested weekend:) Now get out and enjoy the day without rain:)

Surly Brewing....take home style:)



Marc said...

sudsday sunday

Pete Basso said...

Nice face off between Tito and Liddell to the sides of the can!! Go UFC

(I'm a closet watcher of the UFC)

Hope you guys had a great weekend


nollij said...

Dear lord.. I'm salivating for the Darkness: what are the chances you'd ship some to a brother in Cali? Maybe just a couple cans of Furious and Bender?