Monday, October 15, 2007

No Cross Racing:(

Scott Sumptner! You kicked ass my brutha:)

Did the responsable thing.....when your budget is tight don't spend:( We didn't have thee extra cash for me to play, but we did go out and watch the 3-4's on Saturday. Some photos are here and I know there will be more up here when Fry sobers up:) I must say that cross racing thing did look like a good time....I mean hell I love to play in the do these mates:) I do have a girly cross'r....looks like I'll have to try and hit Newton. Also out on Saturday..... our Dirty Geeks of CITA....they were down at Summerset Lakes building new trail for all of OUR ASSES.....please thank them when you see'm:) Woke to the perfect cross weather (so I hear) on Sunday, rain,rain,rain,and some more rain:) Teri and I decided to stay home Sunday as Izzy is sick and not sleeping at night along with us:)....little shit:) We did the clean house thing, along with some rearranging of thee areas:) I did manage a tiny wet ride to Dahls and Hy-Vee for munchy snacks....some fucking Cycling Lyfestyle:) I plan to be riding more this week....rain....fuck you.....I'm riding:) HFF this weekend.....might be snowing by the time we get up there. Looks like its just Teri and I, everybody else bailed on us.



bontrag said...

Hey Squirrel. It's Alex - aka bontrag. Thanks for the compliment "that cat was hitting the corner better than anyone", specially coming from you. I was glad someone was taking pics, great to peruse your flickr. I am in the blue jersey, gray helmet, and black pants.

Cornbread said...

A day late. Sorry we missed ya Squirrel.

HFF? Do it!