Thursday, October 11, 2007

Girly Cross'r Done, 1st Round QR Done

Got'er done just in time to fly down for some photos of thee QR last night:)

First ride last night:)

Some of thee Ragers:) Loushous is in the middle, he took first place. Me record still stands though:)

Some of us went to Giffs Pub for tacos.....yum:)



Justin said...

Brian, I gotta say, out of the whole collection of bikes you keep, that Le 3 is the sweetest... love the color & the black... nice!

2drunk2shift said...

That thing is on fire. love d color. Very festive for October. It came out great.

Anonymous said...

sweet looking ride, now when you gonna help me build one so I don't have to ride my mtn bike.

p.s. what's the latest on the rassy wool??


Captain Bob said...

I see some bike skis on the floor of you showroom. Where can a person pick up a set of those?

Squirrel said...

Captain...those on me floor are custom cooterfied, I built them a few years back. You can however buy them online...not cheap...or as fun as making your own. If you would like details email