Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning People...

I am one of thee above, hell when I wake up I'm already in a chipper ass mood:) Throw in a 17.5 mile bike ride to work.....hell I'm 10 times happier:) I was YELLING Good morning to the paper boy half a block away, I yelled hello to everybody I saw this morning. I can only imagine what their thoughts where:) Saw a HUGE buck this morning just past 30th....came right out of those apartments on the hillside.....nose to the ground like he was hot on thee estrus trail of a hot doe. Stopped 15ft. from me....tried to get a shot with camera but he bolted as I tried....damn it.
Just down the trail I hooked up with Jason on the Southern Trestle bridge for a morning chat and a nice mix of safety. Great morning for a commute...I think I'll try to do it again on Thursday:) Beggars night is upon us.....Izzy will be Princess Laya.....isn't it great....Izzy gets to dress up, dazzle candy filled hands for an hour or so....while Teri and I get all the goods:)

rolling out @ 5:20am.....Fucking Good Morning:)!!


our commuting steeds..

been awhile since I've had an Izzy photo up:) Such a cuttie:)

Barton Solvents burns....looking from the Saylorville Dam...really happy nobody was seriously hurt:)

Peace and Good Day Mates!!


jason said...

that big buck just south of the bridge was there again this a.m. thursday is the only day this week I'm not riding. I dig the pic of our rides. cars suck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us how good life is if we want it to be. ~FM

Carney said...

That is WAY too early in the morning!! If I want to ride in the dark I do it before I go to sleep not after! :)