Monday, October 29, 2007

Homie Fest Is All Good

Teri and I left the prision at 12:30pm to start our journey north. First we would make a quick pit stop in Ames to pick up Emily at her casa. Back on the road its 80mph to homieville......around 2.5hrs later our first adrenaline rush is served up at 70mph in the form of surfing thee mud filled ditch between lanes of fast moving traffic on I35:) Seems someone in front of thee van directly in front of us in the fast lane decided too....well just stop....WTF:) Said van had taken thee inside shoulder up in attempting too avoid collision....and left us one (survivable) choice kiddies.....a HOLD ON was said, a down shift, hard left to thee ditch, and punch it:)Just like when I was a kid rat racing on gravel roads....loose and out of control sometimes ended my ass and car in a ditch......if your heading in and want too up your chances of getting out you'd better fucking mash it too the floor:) 300yrds later we are coming up and out with the car, us, and thee bikes all intact:) That shit was straight out of Dukes Of Hazzard minus the creek jump,I even believe we had a yeeha somewhere in there:)

On the road again..... we arrive at thee I hate driving in fucking rush hour traffic in a strange city:( We hook up with the rest of thee Lincoln Crew, just as G-Love pulls into thee parking lot....perfect timing:) Get our rooms and proceed to thee Lincoln Wing of said establishment for some beers and a safety meeting. Introduce ourselves to thee others, make a plan then head for One On One Bike Studio for some beer drinking goodness:) Some where in there G-Love vanished like a genie:) While heading too One On One we ran into a couple fixie's heading out for an all Girl Alley Cat at a near by pub. Don't see that shit in Des Moines:( Teri and G-Love shoot to thee alley of One On One while CVO and I head a block further down the street to meet up with other Lincolnites picking up liquior:) My chance to purchase some Surly brews has arrived:) I get a 4 pack (16oz'rs) of Bender while CVO gets thee Furosous, and we're off too party down:) Bender was my favorite...hands down....thee Furosous was hoppy as hell....not bad bad.... and I did finish the 1 I had. Lots of mates where hanging out at One On One....met some very, very cool bruthas and sistas(Hurl, Gene O', Tito, Liddel, HollyWood Jeff, Eric, Chevel and his lady, etc).....Teri and I got purdy loaded and called the evening early. When we did leave it took us a while to make it the short distance too thee motel.....fucking out of towners lost only blocks from where we started:)
Back safe(so we think)in our room, Teri opens a window, reaches in to open the screen when....SLAM.....the pane drops on both of her hands....bloody fucking murder is echoing....they swelled up fast....should have went to thee front desk and bitched but once again we were hammered and in no condition too be bitchy. So we did the next best thing....pass out:) I woke up on Saturday morning too Teri yaking....yup a good time was had:) My head was a little cloudy, and a coffee run was in need. Rolled up to thee Nicolet mall area, threw down some joe at Dunn Brothers then headed back to prepare for the mayhem of thee Homie Fall Fest:)
Off too Liquior Lyles...home base for HFF...when we arrive there are already 100 mates kicking it outside and in. Inside we register for the ride, recieve our paper number plates and order some much needed the one thing that is going to let me drink all day is a full belly of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast:) It also happens to be 2 for 1 on drinks.....well hot damn lets get started:) Teri is hesetant to thee early morning drinks and prefers OJ on her hung over belly:)
After a while we all head out for thee start....Sov gets on thee megaphone says some things and we are off. Mind you when you have 200+ riders with mayhem in mind we are as badass rolling possee! We rolled through the streets as if we owned them. We rolled down city black label while other riders stared in awe of our size. Ya know what I could go on and on about this ride....but I'm not gonna....get your ass up too Minneapolis next year and get the full experience....Teri and I had an awesome time, with like minded mates, we will be back:) I will leave you with more visual goods....

658 photos lye here

There are videos and more reports here clicky all the yellow tags and enjoy.....I kinda wussed out on this write up:)

This past Saturday night we had thee Spooky Woods Ride what a drunken hoot it was....if you weren't there well you for you:) Ed's photos, damn getting my dress off was funny as many mates had to help my drunken ass:)


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