Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Booyah!

Friday afterwork it was time to get the Trail Slayer out for some chop-chop time, then the chainsaw for a few downed trees, remove a bridge and then throw some rocks around.....caveman style:) We had the Prive Vandelune Memorial Ride going on Saturday and I wanted the trail to be great.....all was looking good til the damn rain hit around 5:30pm it was only a 5 minute storm, with around an .5 inches of rain:)

way back in Denmans by thee service road

Teri is training for the Dirty Duatholon, we're tag teaming it this year...Bianchi was loving the run

just have too love a well groomed trail:)

removed the fucked up little bridge, replaced with rocks....still need to fill that hole all the way up so when heavy rains come the water won't wash all away....just silt the area least in theory:)

Saturday was up at the crack of dawn to go mow a little at the Center for the Squirrels Nest TT on Sunday. After that it was time too eat then load up the BOB, 2 cases of Miller Lite was heading to the old fire pit for a mid ride break for those of us attending thee Price Vanderlune ride and braving thee some what puddly trails....all was good......most of us got muddy for a great cause and many of us went down at least once:) Some road straight to thee beer stop....gotta love Westy, Chad, Marko and Rob Verstegh:)

rolling beer wagon rides again:)

almost 50 mates showed up to help raise funds....I believe almost $1300 was raised Saturday......that is awesome:)

lead group waiting....and waiting....and waiting....before we figured everybody else must have bailed or went too thee HillSide:) A little bit muddy:)

Party at thee old fire pit...

Brutha Chad, Westy, and Johnny C....wait I see Nathen in there too:)

The ride was susposed to be back at 2pm for the raffle.....I believe we were more then a little late:) I did managed to win a sawheat ass Thompsen seat post for thee Monkey:)

Sunday was thee Time Trial....damn good time...I ended up with 3rd over all....little brutha Andy beat me by 7 little bastard:) Cam took the win with more then 40seconds on me...... thanks too everyone who showed up to raise even more money for the Vanderlunes and for our trails:)


Looken fast but not feeling it....

Basso hot on me tail:)

after party at the shop....Rasmussen Bike Shop that is...

"I'll drink this beer and still kick yer ass Squirrely" damn Cam is serious when drinking too.....lighten up bro:)

Local legend Chris Maharry the man behind the race:) Love ya brutha:)

Many more photos can be found here for both days events...more of the time trial here thanks to Steve Fry. I'm sure there are more out in intraspace.....I'll post links when I find them....I know Justin should have some good shots also. I found them....Squirrels Nest TT and the Price Vanderlune Ride



the mostly reverend said...

great write-up, and thanks for finding the photo links.
and the beer, too. sorry i missed the free dark stuff at the shop. that cup that cam has looks REALLY good.
and thanks to everyone who came out, saturday and/or sunday.
those were GREAT times.

damn, that rainbow hairnet of mine is SWEET!
you guys gotta get some, man.

gwadzilla said...

I love the connection within your cycling culture

somehow that just does not happen in the city...

well... maybe the messengers have their thing

but for us old folks with straight jobs and parental responsibilities
well... we just do not get to assemble the masses like you all do

when I read your blog or fatmarc's blog I am always amazed at the comaraderie

frickin awesome