Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Targhetto Maintenance Today....Rain or Shine:)

Rob V, Scott Sumptner, his nieghbor and I will be at thee Northern trail entrance to start clearing that biatch out:) 1pm....yea I know its early, but we'd all rather be clearing trail then working:) Speaking of maintenace....me chainsaw needed some....gotta love'm up just like thee trails and your bikes:)

that damn saw dust gets all over thee inside of yer saw, mixed with bar oil, dirt and anything else that chain comes in contact with. The air filter is most likely clogged with oil and dust also. A simple blowing out with air helps alot, remember thee air filter is off leaving the carb port exposed....plug thee port with a rag so no poo-poo gets in there:)Do what you know how too do, or take it in for service.....

this is what your saw should look like when cleaned:)


cutting wood dis afternoon:)


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gwadzilla said...

that is a toy that I do not need to tangle with...

for me

send it in!