Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sundays Squirrels Nest Time Trail Info/ Saturdays Price Vandelune Fund Raiser Info./A Little Greasy Riding

The IMBCS season finale, IMBCS #7 – `Squirrels Nest' is coming up
this Sunday, September 23! Due to the urban sprawl that is taking
place on top of the old Sycamore Trail, race director Chris Maharry
found it necessary to change the location after 7 years. The new
course is going to be at the old Science Center Trails and is being
designed by trail building maestro, Squirrel, so you know it's going
to be a killer course! This is the 8th edition of the time trial and
local mountain biking legend / race director Chris Maharry always
seems to come through in creating a great event that is both fun and
challenging for all skill levels.

The skinny: registration opens at 9:00. The cost is a measly $25 for
all participants. The first rider will start at 10am sharp with
riders starting at one minute intervals.

The start / finish area will be located near Greenwood Park, there
will be plenty of parking available at the Ashworth Pool parking lot
and along 45th St.

As always, there will be a ton of schwag and most people, if not
everyone, will go home with something other than their dirty bikes.

Directions to Ashworth Pool parking lot. Take Interstate 235 through
Des Moines, take the 42nd St exit and head south on 42nd St until
you get to Grand Ave. Turn right (west) on Grand Ave. until you get
to 45th St. Turn left (south) on 45th St and continue south on 45th
St. 45th St. ends at Ashworth Pool. Park your car and get ready to
rip it up on some of the best mountain biking trails that Iowa has
to offer! I've also attached a map located in the files section of
the IORCA Yahoo Group Site

All proceeds generated from this race will be donated to CITA
(Central Iowa Trail Authority) and the Price Vandelune Memorial
Fund. Both are great causes! Without CITA, all of the trails at the
Science Center wouldn't exist. A lot of hard work goes into
maintaining the great trails that we have to enjoy throughout the

For those of you that don't know what had happened to Chad and
Dorothy Vandelune, they had an 8 month old son, Price, that passed
away on September 5. Kim West and a few of Chad and Dorothy's
friends have been kind enough to set up a fund raising campaign to
help Chad and Dorothy cover some of the expenses.

The board members of the IMBCS also would like to welcome all
participants and their families to join us at Rasmussen Bike Shop,
located at 301 Grand Ave in West Des Moines (east of the Science
Center) following the conclusion of the race for the Squirrel's Nest
awards presentations and also for the IMBCS series awards
presentations. There will be free food provided from Jason's Deli in
West Des Moines and possibly free beer (were still working on the

Questions? Race Director Chris Maharry can be contacted at: 515-577-

You are all also encouraged to join us this Saturday for another fund raiser for the Price Vandelune Memorial Fund at the Science Center. This will be a great opportunity to ride with some of the coolest people around and also to pre-ride the course for Squirrel's Nest! Details are as follows:

Something Rad for Price, Dorothy and ChadA community off-road ride and fundraiser for the Price Vandelune MemorialFundDear fellow bike riders:We were all saddened by the untimely passing of Price Vandelune onWednesday, September 5, 2007 and would like to take the opportunity toinvite you to join in an off-road celebration this Saturday, September 22 atnoonon the beautiful Science Center off-road trail system.We will meet at Ashworth Pool, 45th & Grand, Des Moines, and embark upon aleisurely, fun and joyous celebration of life, friendship and trails. TheRasmussen truck will be there with tent and tunes and homemade lemonade andcookies will be for sale!We invite the participation of the bike riding community and request atleast a $20 donation to the Price Vandelune Memorial Fund. All $20 donationswill be entered in a raffle for these incredible donations:

1. Oakley has been kind enough to donate an autographed pair of glasses(across the lens) from Pro Tour Rider Bobby Julich and a pair of fashionglasses, too (need not be present to win).2. Topeak Prepstand from Barr Bike! (Must be present to win) 3. CyclesGladiator (bottle of merlot from Ethan at Fleur Wine & Ale, it has a bikeand a naked lady on the label) (Must be present to win)4. FOUR 22oz Fat Tire Ales (New Belgium Brewery also from Ethan at FleurWine & Ale) (Must be present to win)5. Professional 30-minute swim lessons from ISU's former coach at AmesRacquet and Fitness. (Must be present to win)6. Arbonne sunscreen product (Must be present to win)Please note, this ride is at your own discretion and the organizers aredoing this as a community event to honor the friendship of all bike ridersand enjoy the afternoon together.Join us or donate by stopping at Rasmussens Bike Shop to buy a ticket(s) ORmailing a check to the Price Vandelune Memorial Fund, (First American Bank,Des Moines, IA.) The Orphanage Attn: Kim West, P.O. Box 13133, Des Moines,IA 50310. (Please note your desire to entered in the raffle when mailingchecks).Questions:Marc Hollander:
marcthollander@gmail.comRob Versteegh: oakleyiowa@mchsi.comThanks for your time, kind thoughts and support for our friends in theirtime of need.Regards,Marc T. Hollander & Rob Versteegh

Yesterday Johnny, Chad, Andy and I hit the Squirrels Nest course to get a feel:) Hillside, and Roller Coaster where in good shape with a few greasy spots....I was thee first to go down in a greasy corner right after the last creek crossing on Roller Coaster:) After hitting thee course it was time for a break so we headed to thee old fire pit by the river. A few minutes of bs'ing and we thought we'd hit up Squirrels Nest.....the first piece was purdy greasy, we questioned turning around but said fuck it....and rolled on like giddy little boys:) "Sometimes you have to break thee rules" Do as I say, not as I do type shit ya know:) While we were flying through thee Nest Johnny took a good greasy spill infront of us, we rolled on out to the Rabbit Trail heading towards Denmans.....just as I was going to roll by thee exit my now single Monkey wanted some more giddy goodness, turning down thee trail leading my bruthas on another slip sliding away ride:) Here is where Chad nearly went down although I think this was due too all the damn walnuts/buckeye's on the trail....we have a bumper crop this year...of both:) Denmans going backwards keeps you purdy clean.....the really only shitty part of the trail is the piece from Little Italy too the entrance.....and thee puddles are full so if'n your going to ride.....stay on the fucking trail.....ride through the puddle not around the damn thing..... widening the tread pissess me off:( I would say by Friday afternoon the trail will be in good shape with the usual puddle spots that take awhile to dry up.

Chad, Andy and Johnny.....

thee creek was running good:)

break time at old fire pit..

in Denmans..

I had to hose off outside:)

Peace and see your asses this Weekend:)


Pete Basso said...

Squirrel is that Andy's "Larry Craig" pose? Where's the bathroom stall?

I went out last night and rode but stayed off the trails. Saw your tracks and cussed the bastards that ride the trails when their wet, only find out it was you!! That's cool, trails looked like they were drying off pretty fast. See you out there, let me know if you need some help setting up the race, I'm in!

Andy said...

That was an awesome ride, nothing like getting a little dirty. Where are those pictures below this post from, looks quite inviting.

Squirrel said...

Basso- I just may call you:)

Andy- so inviting when you rode where those photos are from you didn't even know:) they are from the first piece of dirt off of 45th:)