Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fat Tire Fun Ride

All the info you need about this Saturdays Fat Tire Release Party is right here in this link. Lots of things going on, starts at noon:) Teri and I will see you beer loving mates there:) Hopefully I'll not be sick still, I have a head cold that seems do be digging in its roots instead of packing up:(



Ed said...

I have the same shitty cold but will be there unless I pick up a fever.



Anonymous said...

Beer, food of the gods

S.Fuller said...

Two words:

Hell Yeah!!

MG said...

get well soon squirrel. sorry to hear the cold is grippin ya'.

hope to see you 9/15 at lake manawa.


bikeblackribbon said...

no gnome-fest?

Marc said...

Hey Squirrel this is Marc from Ames. Good work at the 24hr last weekend. I was checking out your bikes and came across your white tandem. I have a virtually identical one. Mine's blue instead of white and I don't have bitch'n ape hanger bars but the frame, fenders, seats, everything are exactly the same. The lady I got mine from said her husband got it in 1961. It's a Columbia.
Feel better soon!


Travel Gravel said...

Squirrel, do you know if the vintage bike show and swap meet is going down this weekend? It's usually been the second weekend of Sep. but I can't find any info. Anybody? On Euclid. Later!