Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Targhetto Tonight

Tonight's Taco Ride will leave the usual establishment of Rassy's @ or around 5:30pm...depending on if Sammy has his shit together today and or the rain holds off:) I'm going to say if it doesn't rain the trail is going to be fun with some large wet spots anyway....heee,heee, I'll be riding a single hoping to drown one of you biatches as I play splish splash through the trail:)

I wonder if the low bridges at Boone are still where they should be after all the rain there last night? Could it be a muddy 24hr race??



Thad said...

Could you send the rain our way? We're 15" below normal for rain this year. No hay, no grass, no water in the well. Farm looks like 200 acres of dirt crop instead of hay field.

Good for mtb riding but bad for everything else. Actually, it's so dusty, dry, and loose, that the trails are almost too slick.

gwadzilla said...

congrats on the seventh aniversary

your wee one is growing like a weed

it only gets better!

it never gets any easier
but you will love the excuse to get on roller coasters and go to the fair!