Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fat Tire in Iowa.....OH do tell young man..

The rumors of Fat Tire Ale coming to Iowa have been tremedous over the years....but now its true. Brutha Randle hangs with the boys at El Bait Shop....El Bait Shop kicks ass by the I've heard that Aug. 27th was too be the big daybue....and I thought holy molely I'll be able to suck down a Fat Tire before the 24hr race this next weekend. So with all this hubbub I thought I'd email the fine lass' at New Belgien Brewery and find out for sure. Well shit that didn't pan out like I wanted it too.... but who knows it could happen on Monday right:) My email follows and the reply after that.

So I’ve heard the rumors before…..but not from me bartending buddies. When and what beers will us Iowegians be getting? Kegs…bottles….cans?? Do tell I have a solo 24hr race on Sept. 1st here inIowa and if I can suck down a wonderful bevy of yours that would make my day….that and a win of course.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the email! Your rumor source is correct, because we are coming to Iowa. Unfortunately though, we don't yet have an inauguration date for Iowa, because we don't yet have a distributor. We are still in the process of setting up Iowa distribution, therefore the only time frame we can give you is late September.

Sorry we can't give you any specifics yet! Feel free to check back sometime in September and we should have a distributor chosen by then. It's great to hear that when we get there we'll be greeted with welcome arms and thirsty mouths such as yourself!

Andi Rose

New Belgium Brewing Co.

500 Linden Street

Fort Collins, CO 80524

If your coming from a place that sells Fat Tire feel free to bring me some and I'll gladly pay you:)



Justin said...

I wonder if they've approached Voss... I would think something like New Belgium would be right up their alley... they keep moving the date back... I think we'll be lucky if we have it in time for our annual meeting...

Julie said...

If I would have known...I just sucked down a couple while I was in CA!!

Mike said...

Squirrel, '

I still have 16 left that are being saved for the 24. Just came back from Missouri and had 24 but have had to indulge a bit. I will save you a couple, no charge. Look me up when you arrive.


Justin said...

my sister just got back from CO & I totally forgot to have her get some... gonna need to make a run to Omaha soon... anyone going that way?

Noel said...

It'll be available in 22oz bottles probably at first. And probably only at bars at first too. I'm headed to KC in a couple weeks. If I have room, I'll pick you up a small stash.

mtb05girl said...

The New Belgium Brewery does a lot of cycling stuff out here...more than I realized. They have a $2 "bike-in" movie night every Thursday until the end of September and also hold a cyclocross series where each race is only $5. I'd bring you some but 1) I'm not legal yet 2) I don't know when I'm coming back.

Squirrel said...

Julie- Geesh girl get with it:)

Mike- Oh hell yea, I'll be hunting you down:)

Noel- I'll take a 12 pack anytime:)

Amanda- with looks like yours, trust me you don't have to be of age to get me some Fat Tire:)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear I can soon get my Fat Tire fix without traveling to get it. Will the opportunity to get one anytime I desire make the forbidden fruit taste less appealing? Hopefully not!


Anonymous said...

22oz... 9/10 in dsm. anybody who is anybody will be serving the goodness.
just had a bunch at their launch downtown dsm.
fat tire, 1554, and Mothership Wit.
they will all be served in the bombers.
22oz style. for 60 days. then taps will be flowing.
dig it.

bryan said...

so ... in Omaha I can have all I want, but if I go across the river I can't have any? What the crap is that?

That said ... I don't care. Because I live in Omaha.

Squirrel, if you come to Omaha for Cranksgiving, I'll have some for you.

Ed said...

More Fat Tire news on my blog. Confirmed date!



James Conrad said...

Talked today to IA Bev. told me the first for sure and they would have some here tomorrow. After reading this seems to sound like BS, I went to a show last week for IA Bev and said Sept. called today and was told by the first, the driver said tomorrow. Pisses me off owning a bar and just getting smoke blown. Stop by Legacy soon.


Henry said...

It's great to find folks talking about New Belgium. I manage a bar in Ames. We have been told 1554, Fat Tire, and Mothership Wit will be available Sept 10. Aug 27 was a target date but there were several problems with supply and the state from what I have been told. IBS will be distributing 22oz bottles for several months before kegs will be available. From the rumors from our drivers, they are looking forward to the full line in 12oz bottles by early next year, but by now, we all know how that goes.