Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've been asked more then a few times over the years if I beleive in these events.....everytime I've answered the same way.....yes. I've walked away almost unscathed every time....from car crashes, quad crashes, dirt bike crashes, and more cycling crashes then I can possibly count, I've been hit 3 times by a moving vehical while riding.....and I'm very Thankful for being here today. Why the talk of Miracles today....I just read this artical today of Collier Schofield, MIRACLES....YOU DAMN RIGHT THEY HAPPEN.



Julie said...

Not to mention the countless times you are jarred awake right before you drive off the road when driving late! Happened to me many times when I was younger and driving to my parents from DM!!
And our other little miracles...our daughters!! Every child is a miracle in my eye!

Squirrel said...

AMEN Julie:)


bluecolnago said...


see ya at boone....