Friday, June 01, 2007

5:45am In Des Moines

Rolling down Ingersol Ave with nutten but a beautiful pink hugh lingering over down town.

The BWW morning crew....Basso is leading the downhill sprint:)

this mornings meeting place for the commute in......JC is grey in the beard and all bent outta shape:) A quick 5 minute adjustment and we're off

Safety in numbers

What I've done this morning at the day job.....Traveler makeover....not sure about running them up.....fenders and racks......yummy baby!

My sawheat azz bruise is coming on now after the weekends knee to stem action....purdy damn sexy....ehy:)

Missed the rain this morning...if I where a betting man I'd say we're fucked for this afternoons commute home:) Its all good Craig, JC, and I aren't that sweet anyway:) Had a good time at the Junction lastnight...Teri, Izzy and I went down after the shop closed and took in some beers with some people watching. The Dyno long bikes sure do create lots of conversation:)

Late edit:

Mustache bars definitely look muey better down:O

Peace and Good Day


Pete Basso said...

seems like I only see you on the morning rides anymore...we gotta get together sometime soon and ride / eat / drink!! Damn brutha, it's been too long.

B I D W E L L said...

Muey! Nice Traveler Squirrel

the mostly reverend said...

good to see the traveller ready to roll again, sq!