Thursday, May 31, 2007

Caught In A Down Pour Yesterday!

Rolling too the backside of Margo....big black cloud letting us know....your going too get wet biatches:)

By the time we hit the 35/80 underpass on the pavetrail it started too rain....last few times we've been out at this time we run into Wade Thompson rolling his ass home....maybe we should stop and hug next time:) You feel'n me brutha.

Rolling up just past MLK

I don't know about Johnny but that was a damn good time. It was muggy in the air so the rain sure did feel good:) The messenger bag DQ gave me kicks ass....all my shit was bone dry after being in a downpour for over 30mins....dry is good:) Missed the CITA meeting lastnight....8pm is my bedtime:)...thought I could make it.....but nope.
Tri bikes are starting too show up at the shop for the Hy-Vee World Cup Triathalon I wonder where we'll put them all:)? Lewis and Clark Race this weekend....can't make it have to be at the shop:( Tear it up kiddies:)


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