Tuesday, May 15, 2007

1X9 Big Wheel Commute

After a few beers... now its....Most Riding Done On One Fucking Gear:) 1X9 for the Monkey when commuting in....damn it feels good to hit 30mph on the flats:)

Met Johnny C this morning for the misty/rainy commute in from his place in Urbandale...via black label, city streets, and some double track on the north side of the Targhetto Trial from QT on Merle Hay Rd......wanna hear it.....well hear it goes..

On the new connector from the tressel bridge too NW Johnston Dr...from here we

jumped on the levee trail....all the way too the hobbo camp

We dropped in too hobbo camp at the Des Moines River and Beaver Creek for a safety break

cruised the low trail too the maintenece road behind the quary

doing good kiddies.....made it too the power line cut....shortly after this though we hit standing water....about a 15ft span....no photo it was too dark under the tree cover...back tracked a little...up too a higher trail.....

popped us out in a field right behind Mid American Energy off of Lower Beaver...

around a NO Trespassing Sign and a 10ft fence.... and we're rolling on the gravel entrance out too Lower Beaver

NW 66th by Woodland Hills Golf course....and whala we're here at the prison:)

Another week or so and Targhettos N. side should be ridable to Sycamore Access..the usual new reroutes and debree are littered every where...but a handsaw and some stopping would do the trick.

Peace & Enjoy your DAY:)

I wonder how much of a beating DQ put on the Car vs. Bus vs. Bicyclist race this morning for Bike Too Work Week?


Neve_r_est said...

Gears...one at a time;)

Your commute kicks my commutes ass.


the mostly reverend said...

that's some sweet looking virginal blacktop, sir!

hey-ho, johnny c!

MOD said...

Say it isn't so!