Thursday, May 17, 2007

39x14 Back In Action

Went with the Cross Max Aksium wheelset, frame is a little tweek'd, but good enough for commuting:)

This is a shot of the large water hole on the North Targhetto Trail, from the Sycamore Access its only a half mile before you hit it. Once the water is gone here the trail is good to the tressel bridge.

12hrs Of Branched Oak is a go...I have a dream.....a dream of killing the solo single speed class.....a dream that I will be in these colors while killing....I have alot of hate built up....I hate that I missed out in Arkansas, I hate that I missed out on Trans Iowa, I hate that I missed out on Platte, I will hate all those that toe the line with one....when I'm too will hate....hate that you placed 2nd! Now who has a bad ass light system they can loan too me:)


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