Monday, April 23, 2007

Riding Soo Goood:)

Saturday morning started with loading up the Trail Hog with the B.O.B., chainsaw, shovel, and a bucket with me 4lb. beater with wedge/other miscellaneous things for some trail maintenance:) Met up with Justin Bruce and Jeff Stegeman at the Denmans entrance, the plan... knock out all the dead fall/ make a new log run if it where feasible. After a couple hours we where done:) Photos and a video of me B.O.B.'n a log run can be found here, damn work computer won't let me link or watch it:(. After the maintenance run I went back home, then Teri and I met Steve at the West Port Lounge for some Bass Ale. After our beers where empty it was time to hit the trails again:) Ran into Brian Duffy boogy'n through Denmans..saw a ton of cyclists out....the Mayors Ride was going on here...just a perfect day:) After our loop was almost done we ran into Johnny C, Wade Thompson and Chad "Super Dong" Vanderlune getting ready to go tear it up. We headed out with those mates and bailed after Standard J-11...our riding was done...time too head to the mountains:) Sully's Irish Pud that is.

safety break in Denmans

Wade, Donger, Steve and Teri Sue

Sully's Irish Pub....we've got yer lucky charms....laddy

lucky indeed....once again Saturday was perfect:)

Sunday I woke early to head into Browns Woods for my second looksee for the elusive Morel.....

this was a first....shot right up through the

trippy photo

a three fer..

a two fer....

a 60 shroom morning...damn these things are goood!!

After me shroom'n, Teri, Izzy and I headed too Jordan Creek so some total stranger could poke holes in our daughters ears:) Izabella is one tough little she'la, barely a fuss:) Then it was time to head back too the Center Trails for some more CITA was installing our trail signs today....I hung long enough to drop tools off...was raining and I wasn't prepared...thanks for all the work mates:) Todays commutte kicked ass a new personal record for me 17 mile putt-putt 1:01:00...I know I can break an hour if I would just leave home with that mission for the ride in:) Nah....then I would have to think rather then just ride along with a big smile on me face:)

Peace Mates!


Julie said...

Love the Y waterbabies program! Sing lots of songs and just play with them in the water. Alexa goes nuts!! We've been doing it since she was 6 months!!

Chris said...

Solid rail ride with the trailer in the video.

Squirrel said...

Thanks Julie I'll check into that:)

Chris- I've wanted to hit that thing with the bob for a long time...piece of cake:)