Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Going Home

Breaking the test rig down this week too send back too Rob, then he can get started on my custom. I'm so happy with how this bike feels that I really can't explain it. While in Arkansas Sydney gave her version of how the bike feels by comparing it too breaking a young colt, Syd's passion of horses and bikes intertwined in this incrediable description of cold steal and a beating heart. I have to tell ya it brought some tears to me face as it was beautifuly stated. I almost feel weird sometimes at how emotional I can't get when talking about bikes, yet it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Cycling has brought so many good people & memories into my life that I'm truely greatful in knowing there are many more too come. Here is too Ride'n, Race'n, Live'n & Love'n, I may not be rich but I do feel like the richest man in the world with my family, friends and cycling:)



thad said...

I can relate. Being raised around horses my whole life and my girlfriend's passion for them, most of our conversations innertwine the two often.

Also have been ribbin' a buddy of late as he has so many bikes yet no love of any of them. He doesn't keep them long enough to know their soul.

sydney_b said...


my badger's off to paint come monday and then woo hoo, maybe off to the lumberjack 100. u doin that squirrel?

Squirrel said...

Syd-Everything depends on the achillies:( Doctor tomorrow.


Josh said...
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Josh said...

Good luck with the achillies, I'm sure forcing yourself to stay off the bike is just as painful. As for the Badger, we'll take good care of her.

The Old Bag said...

Well said -- good luck at the doc!