Monday, December 04, 2006

My Words Touched Bruce Brown:)

Bike Iowa has a "Profile" feature every month, this month it is Paul Varnum and Bruce Brown. One of the questions was whats your favorite quote, below are their answers:

Favorite Quote

Paul - “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”- Lance Armstrong

Bruce - Never having met Squirrel before in my life when I asked him a question at the Kanesville Krusher (IMBCS #4) in May, my favorite racing quote comes from him. Just as I arrived at Lewis & Clark for the race the clouds started to dump what seemed like a ton of rain on us. Immediately concerned about my Nanoraptors being the wrong tire choice for what was guaranteed to be a muddy race course and thinking I should change my tires before the race started in 15 minutes, I saw this guy with a Karate Monkey with a "2 Drunk 2 Shift" decal on the top tube and mounted up with Nanoraptors. So I go over with my Salsa Dos Niner and ask him what he thought about our tire choice for the now muddy and wet conditions we were about to race for several laps on in the slop. He takes a swig of pre-race beer, looks at me and says with sage wisdom "Ah, it doesn't really matter, in the end it all comes down to rider skill." He followed this up with another swig of beer. I walked away wondering who the heck that guy was (now I know). In the end he was right and I realized I've got some serious skills to work on going forward after that first lap reminded me of skiing on ice.

Glad I could help out Bruce, to be quoted.....after Bruce's....Lance quote.....I have a fat head now:)

Monday night fixie ride....Zanzibars 5:30pm....I'll be taking out the schwinn for some mingling, but for now she hangs among her bruthas and sistas in the singles room all cozy and warm awaiting my arrival for a spin through the city streets as she lives again:)



Anonymous said...

i paid a visit to the house of "moose and squirrel" in ankeny this morning. in addition to lawyer and know-it-all, i also drive a little blue taxi from time to time. it was a delight.

3p0 said...

That was probably my favorite race last year. having a fat tire with Squirrel before the race, or two, (ok 4 for me, it was raining and I was like screw it, take off the socks and put on the close to barefoot as I could get for that one.)

and the entire first lap I was laughing so hard, and singing lyrics to soul coffins rollin with StarDudeHero.

If I remember correctly Squirrel you rocked the house that race, blew by me in the first lap like I was standing still, oh, I was, cuz I was laughing so hard.

good times man, good times..