Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Trippen in Washington

I motored out of Des Moines around 2pm to get too Washington by 5:30. Mission accomplished as I rolled in a little after 5:15. I set up camp in the grassy starting area. Dennis Grelk rolled in about 10min. after I got there. He helped me set up the rest of camp, then we talked about going to his neck of the woods for some single track riding. Although it sounded very good I just got out of a car I really didn't want to get right back into one again. I had to decline, Dennis went on his way. After drinking a couple dark beverages I jumped on the Monkey to do a loop. Climbed all the way to the top of the hill climb to find a much better camping area, so now it was move camp and screw the ride.

I was just about set up again when Andy and Kristen rolled up the hill to say hello and why the hell are you camping up here. I thought it was obvious, there was a much better breeze up top than down in the bottom area, and I wounldn't be getting dusted from the gravel road. They decided to kick it up top too, so we had dinner and a few bevey's then it was bed time. Great night for camping just needed a sheet to cover up with.

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