Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sunday's XC Recap

Woke up Sunday morning in my sleeping bag, it got that nice out durning the night:) Legs felt purdy good after many cups of keg beer Thanks Andy. Same routine as Sat. morning, then it was time to tear down camp and get ready for the race. I rolled into the starting area with Yerke, Abbott, and company hanging out with our kind directors. Started off by going across the gravel road to pick some fresh flowers for the days event, I just love flowers:) After this I suited up in the Camo and started putting around while many, many more folks showed up. The beginners race started at 9 bells, they were doing 1 lap. Kristen was doing her first race, thats purdy cool, so is she.

Once the beginners were done the Experts lined up on the gravel road and bolted. Next was the Single Speed mates all 4 (Todd, Brian A., another mate and me) of us, I think we started a couple minutes behind them. Todd Guiilihan was the man I had to beat, he crushed me at Waverly a few weeks back...something like 5mins:( GO!!!

I rolled out following Todd... debating when to go.... I just said fuck it in me head and opened the can on the gravel climb, hoping to get an gap early. James Brown's (Call Me) Super Bad is playing in my head, all I hear is that groove with dem horns, James is good shit ya know:). Once to the single track I look back and don't see anyone so I just keep my head down rolling those big wheels. Felt great on me first lap, only had to bail on the cycle cross double log section, which was the fastest way to get over those anyway. On my second lap I started to catch some of the Experts, and I still didn't see any of Todd. Half way through my last lap I cought up to Maharry and Alread and just about caught Grelk before the finish line. I was done in 55:06, I didn't see Todd til the end, now wheres me beer:)

Many thanks to Andy, Kristen, David and Ann for all the great work, food and beer.


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