Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saturday's Triple Header

Woke up early as usual, brewed up some joe, then went for a little hike to find some blackberries for topping off me banana nut crunch. I found 7 ripe ones the rest weren't ready yet....damn it those would have been yummy:) After b-fast I through the NanoRaptors on the borrowed Monkey as conditions were perfect for this tire. I get the tire back on and notice this bone laying on the ground, I pick it up, it looks like a vertebra bone from a deer. I grab it up and zip tie it to the bars, it becomes a beautiful center piece for the weekends festivities:)

purdy huh:)

Todays race'n wear was to be me grandfathers old OshKosh bibs. I suited up and rolled down to the starting area to hang with Andy and Kristen.

taking peoples money is cool

The Time Trial started at noon with me going off second, a minute behind Andy who was first. The first climb is a bitch to say the least, I thought I might bust the handle bars wrenching on them for all the torque I could get. Once past this climb its all purdy flowy, a couple more hills, a couple logs:). I was feeling great with that pre-race Corrs in me belly and the Monkey under me ass. I finished with a 14:43 time....good enough for 3rd over all, 32 seconds behind Cam on a Single...not to bad I must say:) There was a 40 min. break before the Hill Climb was too start, plenty "O" time for a couple more Silver Bullets:) I was told this weekend by someone I can't remember that beer was like EPO to me....that was some funny shit:)

Break time over to the hill!! Andy ran this in the same order of the TT, with a rider going off and finishing before the next one was to go. I'm guessing the climb is a quarter mile up with 2 rollers in it and a sweeping gravel corner, then you loop me camp and boogie yer ass back down. If you get air off of the rollers (any air) you recieved a time bonus of 5sec. per jump.....purdy cool:) I made it up and down with 2 jumps in 1:14, which was good for 3rd and a 3 way tie in the over all. Pete, Kyle and I.

One more Corrs and we're ready for the Crit, we were to do 15mins. + 1 lap. Dominic and I took it from the start. I held his wheel for 5 laps, then it was time to back off or I wasn't going to finish. A couple more laps and Andy hands me another Corrs, I chugg as much as I can, while riding, getting the rest all over me. 2 more laps and we're done, I came in 2nd, 17 sec. behind Dominic. I'm officially done riding for the day:) Time for some dark beer:)

Sundays event coming tomorrow with more pics.


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Pete Basso said...

Great write up Squirrel and great job on the SS this weekend. I think you're faster on that then you are WITH gears.