Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday's Ride to Martensdale

Steve, Teri and I decided we'd head to Martensdale for lunch around 11am to eat at the Roadside Inn. We'd ate there many times before in the past, but 2yrs ago it burnt down and nobody rebuilt it. Now someone has reopened it on the same location, so it was time to check it out. While we were getting ready Sammy called wanting to know if I was riding today, so I let him in on the day's forcast of events and he said he'd like to join.....the more the marrier:) We left around 10:30 to stop at the Heartlands Homebrew Shop in Valley Junction for the low down on prices to get the Keg Fridgidair up and running. Around $300 hundy for all the goods minus the
keg:( Going to have to start a keg fridge fund:)

After that we were on our way to Orlandos for the first beer, while there we ran into 30 or so other cyclists out enjoying the day. Seems that 4 different party rides were being held on the trail today, going to be lots of (drunken cyclist) traffic:) Sammy rolled up as soon as we finished our beer, so we started the jaunt to the Cummings Tap for our second beer of the day.

Our first Safety Break of the day:)

Once we rolled into the Cummings Tap we ran into Bruce of the Toyota team with his wife and I believe father in law also stopping for a cold one. Another beer in the belly and its off to have lunch, only 8 miles to go.

The New Roadside Inn.

Is it the food, or just the air conditioning and beer:)

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see so many cyclists out enjoying the day. My wife and I were acually riding with a friend from Toyota that we are going to ride RAGBRAI with.
See ya on the trail

Bruce Reese