Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday's Ride to Martensdale 2

Teri and I dug our meals while Steve and Sammy said it was OK. A couple Harley chic's were being loud so the bar tender/waitress asked them to quite down, they didn't take it very well said some choise phrases and bolted without paying for their shots of whiskey they just downed. A video of them tearing out of the parking lot would have been priceless:) Dust flying, tires squealing, hands in the air like the rebel bitches they were...........awesome.......just like down home:)

Back to Cummings for another one, but not before the days second saftey break. Once at the Tap folks from the "Toga" & "Duck Tape" ride were starting to fill up the bar, there was no place to sit, with little room to get through. We opted for the picknick table under a mulberry tree. 20 minutes here and another one down the hatch it was time to head home...... so we thought. On the other side of the golf couse heading into town there is the tunnel under 63rd street. It was here a huge majority of the Toga/Duck Tape rider's where parked in the tunnels shade getting fucking hammered/having a great time.

Good times

Its a party fo sho':)

Kerkove's twin (Ben Garret) was even in the house (tunnel:)) throwing down a few after a running race earlier that day. Also a member of the Toyota Team.....fucking animals.

after a beer with these fine mates it twas definately time for home:) Teri, Steve and I ended up grilling brats and feasting on morels before it was time to kick back and end another wonderful day of riding along.


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3p0 said...

ah, good times, good times,

I had a nap, food, and another nap today,

total catch up.

have a good week, see ya soon