Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday's Trail Maintenece

Tom, Justin, Brian, and I rolled into Denmans around 8am. We knocked out the last section that needed mowed and cut the other low hangers out. 2.5 hrs of work, just to go home and mow some more:0 Was going to go ride but opted for a kicked back afternoon with Teri and Bianchi watching a couple movies in the AC. Danno called to say he has drawn up a couple more tatts for me and to get my ass over there ASAP:) Thats what I'm talking about:) Going to try and ride tonight with NOONOO whom has been over seas studing for awhile. More pics from Sat.

Teri Sue enjoying the day

One Fucking Gear Mates:)!!

Lush-es stretching his back out.

Safety break pic

Sammy coming back from a safety break



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