Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend of Play:)

 Start line for the ShootOut race at Summerset Park
 If you track stand the start....
 YOU get the hole shot!
 coming down the hill past Fuller's Drop
 there may be a little muscle in those legs of mine....
 trying to rip my bars off climbing up and into Corner Pocket
 Every SS'n brother or sista's favorite post race hand-ups from course help...always GOOD!
 Jubil and I on the podium
 Sunday's putt-putt took me to this old corn crib. I'm going to get 15 good boards off this before the City tears it down.
 also found my next bar stool pieces....RR track!
Ergon weight training was upon thee, found a 5' long, 1/2" log chain while I was out. close to 15lbs:)

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