Monday, June 18, 2012

A few things from April, May and June, photos say a 1000 words right:)

Izzy rode the the park....finally!
Izzy and I skipping work for Bass Pro Shop:)
Best Bike in Des Moines show.
Our good Brutha Steve Cannon before his departure to run 40 marathons in 40 straight day's, UHM THATS BADASS!
Quick build of a grill table for empadas.
Kids having a good time, both old and young:)
We destroyed everything this night at Hansers House of Fun:)
Our Chef Sammy Lopez~
New fork for the Thunderjet, picked up by waving a $20 out the window going 75mph!
Our house Warrior!
Covered Bridge on the Cinder Path Trial in Chariton Iowa
Teri and I got off the Cinder Path for some extra miles. Ended up at this Missouri crossing....only we were still in Iowa:)
Izzy finally got her sand box:)
Devil Horns and all!
Family ride pic for the back of  the Rassy cub van.
Teri destroying Seven Oaks
Teri destroying many beers after seven oaks:)
First Banner Quarter Rage...
I cleaned house:)
New piece for some friends.
Seven Oaks camp for 40 miles..
18 miles in needed a PBJ..
5 laps and 30 miles in the rain came, no 40 miles on this day.
Rain didn't fuck up my bbq pork ribs and beans though:)
Coon bait:)
Fathers Day Feed..
Izzy, Reed, and Dustin on Fathers Day...
Izzy passed out at 5:45pm on Fathers Day....mission accomplished!


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