Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missed the Storms on the commute in and home

Had a sweet tailwind going into work Tuesday morning, and a slight one on the way home. Decided to hit North End Targhetto for the ride home. Surprizingly it was pretty good, all the while storms where lurking in the air but not pissing on my dirty parade:) Til I got to the old brick yard area. Rain started to fall so I bailed too the Tai Dam Village shelters for a tall boy. Thinking about the up coming morrel season and single track in Beaverdale Park. The trail will be short, but fast and fun to break up the commute in and home. Left a message with Richard Brown yesterday about it. Hoping to get ahold of him today. DSM Parks and Rec are on board with single track trail so this should be an easy go and cut in. May be around .75 of a mile...dirty ribbons in all parks....Hallauha! After downing the tall boy I ended up at Beaverdale Park walking aroung the area. Then I shot home so I could watch the big storm coming in. Fired the grill up just in time to get the food done and off before the huge down pour came. Blew today's ride in off to windy conditions. Riding somewhere tonight just not sure where.


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Buckshot77 said...

I'm rolling from the shop at 5:30 on the Selma for a couple hours for a good mix of stuff.