Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An afternoon and night ride through Denmans on DB

Did a little work for Danno at Ichi yesterday. While there I picked up a sweet ape handlebar for the Dirty Balloon'r. Went home swapped out the flat bar and whala! A super fun low key dirty cruiser:) Done a lap of Denmans then went to check on HG. Rode home, grabbed a couple beers then proceeded to go back out to meet Blackford for a lap. Ended up starting a fire at the pit and trading 2 Budwiesers for a Surly Bender...SCORE! Forgot paper for the fire so we had to sacrifice a couple coozies...it was good. Rain today...well this afternoon. The ride in was spiritual as usual. Rode through Beaverdale Park as I'm looking at building some trail in there for the commute in and on the way home after Targhetto:)


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