Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Syc QR..a Damn Good Time!

30 or 40 mates showed up to drink beer and race bikes during a sunny Sunday afternoon on a trail that usually don't get much traffic. That is until a few trail fairy's get it in smoking condition:) Sunday's TT put on by Kyle and Friends was as exspected...a damn good time. The tread of the North Side on Sycamore is perfect...well it could use some jumps and skinnies. Knowing damn well they'll be under water next spring sometimes makes taking the time and effort to do those hard. But I'm a determined little squirrel. I made my lungs hurt for a good 30mins after the 14+ min run. Took 6th or so, not bad considering all the beer riding I've been doing:)Gonna ride her home tonight and have a tall boy at Fish Camp with the Sunset. Then home or too the shop....Greg wants to put a 6.5hrspr motor on a trike for the BWR....what reading I've done...this is not a good idea:) But hey who am I to say whats good and bad.....I'm sure the Cops will have something to say and its most likely bad:) Taco Ride tomorrow barring no fucking rain tonight or tomorrow:) Was planning a Birthday Hundy Ride for Saturday but its not going to happen for Teri and I now. Baby sitter action isn't linning up as planned so a East Side River Trail ride is going to take its place. Stay tuned:)

Photos from Syc QR mine and Jamie Widens


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