Friday, November 05, 2010

North Side Targhetto is Single Track and rocking fast!

Chris Maharry, Rob Verstegh, Ken Sherman, Pete Parvi and I spent 10 man hours opening up almost all of the North Side of Targhetto yesterday. The trail as we new it is changing, what used to be wide open double track is now getting clogged up with downed trees and turning into single track. Instead of taking trees out we simply moved the line so a quad can’t go through. In the spots where larger tree trunks covered the trail we cut a 2’ opening and left the rest blocking the quad track. Once again kids no more big ring wide open, there are logs and tight turns in there now. Another work day is being set for tomorrow at noon, meeting at the Beaver Ave bridge to open up the lower section from the bridge to Fish Camp. Most likely a couple of hours with a group of 4 or more. We walked it yesterday and replaced the tethered bridges, just need to mow, move some debris, and a little racking. Once this is done all of the North Side will be prime for your riding pleasures. Planning another work day for the 20th or 21st as the South Side needs a lot of love also before the Syc 8. I’ll know by this weekend which of those date are gonna fly.

Targhetto Quarter Rage is set for Sunday 1pm, meeting at the North End trail head just off of NW 66th in Johnston. This will be a fucking hoot and will do the trail a ton of good getting more bikes riding in the line! See you there Bitches!



Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you guys (and specifically you, Squirrel) have done for MTBing in and around DSM.

brent said...

Thanks for all the trail work -- ran North side last week and again Tuesday this week -- HUGE difference! Y'all rock.