Tuesday, June 02, 2009

High Noon for the ShootOut!

My plan was to get the hole shot for the first section of single track then just hang onto what ever finishing place I could get. Hanser made the call for the Elites to line up and get ready. 18 of us would toe the line. When Hanser looked ready, I started my track stand in the big ring....3...2...1...GO! I shot off the front like a track dog after his last rabbit.

I'm not sure how much of a gap I got off the start but clearly at the first log there was no one within eye site yet:) It wasn't long before Cam was on my tail which I knew would happen eventually. Getting through Coal Miners Daughter, up the middle spines, through Fullers' Folly and too the first double track was key for me in my mind to lead. I know what happens in tight & slightly technical single track at the beginning of a race......wheel to wheel small mistakes cost precious time:) Cam and I where rolling smooth out front which was just the way we wanted it.

Cam and I on top the spine before the last climb to the double track

As soon as Cam and I hit the double track Cam asked for the lead....no problem with me:) When we popped out onto the first road section I was 10 or 15 seconds behind. I was really hoping to hang onto his wheel for the first lap through, knowing he could easily pull me around the flats, saving me some energy. But Cam had other plans. Down the long straight of road we rolled in our big rings, just as the road turns slightly south I looked back to see who was with us...to my surprise I couldn't make out another bike on the road yet. Riverside was fast, out and back on the road to the start/finish. 23mins for our first lap. It was awesome having so many people out cheering us on and taking photos. Lap 2 was smooth, again on the 1st road section I looked for #3 to be knocking on my door, still nobody:) Lap 3 would bring on the first of lap traffic, some Cat 2 mates just trying to hang on to the edge:) On the spine climb just past Fullers'Folly I spotted Jed and I believe Wild Bill just hitting the drop. I would see them on the next 2 laps in the same spot.

The tiny drop that most ran the high side on.

Lap 4 and 5 would go by smoothly. Busting out of Riverside for the last time put a pretty big smile on my face as I knew then I'd held onto 2nd place in the Elites. A HUGE THANKS GO OUT TO ALL THAT HAVE LAID HANDS ON TOOLS FOR THIS TRAIL. ALMOST 6YRS IN THE MAKING BEFORE ITS FIRST RACE!

I just love this photo of Kim Hopkins riding the drop, talk about perfect roll over position!

Next up is the Ida Groove race @ Moorehead Park. See you kiddies there!


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