Friday, June 05, 2009

100 Miles in 2 days Rides:)

Sure does make this little boy smile:) Took Wednesday off and hit the Boonveville gravel loop with a slightly longer version taking me over to Badger Creek for awhile. Had my first altercation with farm mutts, coming up Upland Rd headed to 105th st I had to water bottle a couple aggressive BIG dogs. Funny their reaction to a simple squirt of water, stops them right in their tracks:) A nice 45 mile ride. Then yesterday Teri and I threw down 56 more miles on some of our busted up black label around Saylorville Lake. In case you don't know there isn't one damn pop machine around the lake anymore....this sucked. But we prevailed by finding the Lattitude 41 Bar and Grill at the Marina, and opted for Fat Tires instead:) Headed up to Ida Grove for the next race, a course I've never ridden, but sounds fast and fun. Hoping to ride up with someone but may be driving up alone. Its Friday and I'm taking a half day.....riding some dirt or mud this afternoon...just not sure of where yet.


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