Friday, May 29, 2009

Summerset Shootout!

Time to see how good the high end is with absolutely no high end training:) I've thrown down at least 15 laps in the past week at Summerset and the trail is hot. My plan is simple lead the first 2.8 miles of lap 1, then settle into the groove and pull out a top 10 in the Cat 1's. Stumpy will be the bike of choice for this course. First 2.8 miles are completly doable with a single,but the next 2.3 miles are completly buck ass flat. Big ring will be used every lap here kids! Heading down today to help with finishing touches, then its lap time! See you mates on Sunday!



kc said...

dude....that was my plan too....well besides the leading part.

Steve Fuller said...

I would love to see the Cam Kirkpatrick / Squirrel holeshot at the start. :)