Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stumpy is the newest member of NoTubes:)

45 minutes this morning and I had completed my first no tubes install on the Stumpy's DT Swiss 470SL's. Extatic that it went well the first time around instead of being a pain in the ass like the last time I tried. Simply took the plastic spoke cover off and put 1 layer of stans yellow tape. One thing learned, be sure to tighten valve core if your using a presti first one unscrewed the core when taking presti adapter off and spewed stans all over me like a freaking milky white man batter show:) Hitting Targhetto on the way home, then black label through downtown too Center for a Roller Coaster/Denmans ride. If I'm still feeling good I plan to ride to Summerset for the Taco Ride tonight. If I'm not feeling it or time won't alow it I'll drive:) Yes there will most likely be Taco Riders still meeting at Rassy's to ride Center, some of us are heading to Summerset to start burning in the loop.

This Portland Design Works Shiney Object is something I picked up from one of our awesome reps at the shop. One IMPORTANT thing I found out about this little crafty device is that it doesn't work with the Big Air CO2 can...the treads aren't deep enough for it to puncture the can making it worthless to me at Boone on Monday. Doesn't really matter to me now as it seems I lost (or threw) the damn thing anyway:(

Ride of Silence also goes down tonight in many cities around the world. Please join if you can.


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