Thursday, April 23, 2009

Planning for another Mud Race:)

Jeff O'Gara

Chances of rain just keep getting higher for the Decorah TT. I've never been but from what I hear rain on race day is normal:) Going up early Saturday morning for a toured ride of the course with Shockstar, Kent, Ryan Vanhowling, and some others I think. Crashing at Ben's place Saturday night then playing in the mud Sunday:) Taco Ride last night was good. Teri and I went out early for a lap, met up with Johnny Conlan for some dirt love'n. On Roller Coaster I busted my rear skewer, but not before busting my knee when my chain came off on a climb in HillSide. Hence me trying to over tighten said skewer with wieght of my foot....guess what that will break the damn thing:) Hiked out to the black label and gave riding a try. Interestingly enough I could ride with out a rear skewer in, so I putt-putted back to the shop to meet up with everyone/fix it. Another lap was had, as were taco's and beer...I even woke up foggy this morning. Looking for the morel this afternoon before heading to the shop.



Neve_r_est said...

Decorah is like no other trail in IA, you're gonna dig it :)

Mud up there makes things pretty interesting/hilarious.


james said...

I am waiting for you to spot a morel so I knoe the season has started I go by you every year. you blog it i am out hunting, james conrad
preious owner of legacy sports bar and grill when you and you girl road up to meet me in waukee. I have always gone by your experience as to when to look for morels and i thank you, thank you. I also am the one who got you in the datebook "what would you think" dressed down for a race in you even remember thanks for everythin and have fun late
james conrad