Monday, April 20, 2009

BoneBenders 6hrs of Mud!

Weather on the net predicted rain @ 70% for the BoneBender race 3 days out. That made the plan of bike set up easy, but its an Ancient Chinese secret:) I've raced in the mud quite a few times over my small amount of years in this sport. Bikes and mud don't mix very well no matter how ancient your secret be:) The plan for the day was to get to the single track top 10, get my Leroy on and stay in the 150's groove. I was on the bike 7th man back after the running start...two guys shot off the front very fast, Dwayne Goscinski and another very fast looking fella. Make no mistake had conditions been dry those two would have been setting grass fires! I asked to get around the 4 mates in front of me with everyone obliging...Grelkinstien was sitting in 3rd when I rolled by giving him a nice slap on the booty. At this point I was just trying to find the groove. I have no idea how far we were in on the course but it was just after the the 300yrds or so of the little baby head rock section that I caught up to Dwayne. Dwayne simply said your riding it faster or better then I and simply let me by. Not a hundred yards further I saw the lead fellow washing his bike in the small creek crossing. Once across the creek I was laying fresh tracks....mmmmm this is the sweet spot of riding mud kids:)

Now not 20 minutes into the race my plan of 150's had been shot out the window. There was $$ on 1st fastest lap...I just happen to be in perfect position to just keep on pushing for that money. I kept the pedals turning and didn't have to stop one time on the first lap. Coming back into the grassy area before the check in, I see Rick under the tent thinking...ahw crap what happened:( A quick bottle change,and I was back off. 1st through the check in...sweet!

As I was leaving the check in for the second lap the bike and I are still fairly clean.

The second lap on the other hand was the worst. 125 racers, plus mud had the tread in places churned up good. This lap I would push and clean mud off the bike, but not nearly as much as many of the other riders. I started lapping folks about half way through, I saw Kim Hopkins cleaning her rear der out on the black label, later on I came across our very own brutha in black Jim Logan walking a muddy bike. It was awesome having Herb and others chearing me on at a black label crossing. Although Herb never offered a beer or even a swill of his:) Thanks Bro..but next time have a heart man! At the end of each lap we had a nice and very welcomed piece of 1/2 mile black label to ride back to the start. This was where I would look behind for the #2 guy...never saw him....there that is:) Stopping for a bottle change and a bit of PBJ, Rick tells me of his bad luck. Damn ripped off rear der. Rick also let me know that I had a 13 min. lead, least thats what he thought:)

End of lap 2 cleaning mud off/ getting a refil at the check in. Bike and I are now much heavier:) I was kinda hoping someone of authourity would pull the plug on this mud fest:) No luck, back out!

this is how most riders bikes looked after lap one! Fun ehy:)? Not the same mud that came to Sylvan Island's race on Sunday:)

Lap 3..a line is starting to ride in:) Things are looking up, still walking a few sections. Once again coming by Herb, and others with no beer love for a single speeding brutha:) Plenty of chears though! Again at the long black label I look back...whew...I don't see him. Stopping for a bottle change, Rick tells me his little mistake on the time was 6 mins! Ding...gotta go!

This time I'm running through the check in area...I have a chance with 6 mins:)

Headed out for the 4th and finial lap. Riding the grassy section really sucked...every lap! Super soft leg zapper!

Lap 4 I rode almost everything. Leaving everything I had on the course at this point was the only option. Somewhere after the log ride there was a grassy section, this is where I spotted Dwanye for the first time since the first lap. I wasn't exaclty sure how far behind he was but seeing him was to close and it shot a boost of thee "oh shits" straight to my legs. I bolted! I had rode without one dub the whole time, that was about to change. Surfing the lakes edge there was a big rock out croping that you had to take wide to get around. In my "oh shit" mode I'd about ran myself crosseyed and well it took its toll. The rock and my left shoulder met briefly, but I kept it up right and rolling. A little stinging and I thought don't screw it up now. I kept pushing this time no one was around to chear, the end was close and I hadn't caught any glimps of Dwanye. Through the last single track and onto the black label I knew I'd pulled it off. Riding by the pit tent Tom Andersen stood with a High Life hand up for me...thats a true buddy:)

I'd pulled off another muddy race win! Many thanks go out to the Chris Locke and the ERTA boys and girls! They always have sweet events and some badass awards too! Results and photo's, more photos here.

Next up Decorah Time Trials!



Carney said...

Nice Work!!

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jason said...

just fucking awesome.

Andy said...

Freaking awesome, at least you got one handup when it really counted.

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Ben said...

Nice job! We'll see you in Decorah. Cheers.

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2drunk2shift said...

Good job. I quess you weren't just sitting around all winter getting fat.

Ben Bolin said...

Nice job man! You were pretty amazing with 4 laps out there.

The trails are healing really well, and we are going to be in good shape in a few more weeks. Not as bad as we thought. Thanks for rolling down to ride. We benefited ERTA with $1800. That will cover insurance and tool maintenance for a while. Thanks again!

Prez- EarthRiders MTB Club

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