Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're a little bit ahead of the GAME!

A year ago today, Denmans looked like this. The Raccoon like this.

We're ahead of the game for now, which I like...although I'm READY for spring! Looks like the Bone Bender will be getting a new date...April 18th. Thats just blows ass cause I was planning on racing Sylvian Island on the 19th. But I've already paid for the BB so looks like if I do Sylvian I'm gonna be wasted:) Tuesday Night Worlds start up tonight. I don't think I'll be attending tonights ride. Borrowing a trainer for today:)



Steve Fuller said...

Are you racing sport or expert this year?

Buckshot77 said...

Remember, no such thing as sport/expert. We'll be Cat 2's this year...

Definitely will be bummed if we have to miss Sylvan, but it is what it is man.

Squirrel said...

Cat. 1 SS Expert with no expectations. I may have gears in a race or two...I'm not sure yet.