Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3hrs of Wind yesterday...but I was in shorts and short sleeves:)

Had a pretty good ride yesterday afternoon. Still trying to figure out a good 3hr route from work to home. The wind was good, the temps were better, shorts and short sleeves in February:) Just minutes before I took this photo I was on NW 16st going south from NW 6th st. I decide seeings I'm going down I should grab a drink, at that moment a little fucking wennier dog (fastest one I've ever seen) comes bolting out on the street right infront of me. One hand on the bar, one at my face, I swerve...I miss and don't crash. Little fucker I'll be watching next time I'm in your hood. On the way back into town on the finial minutes I was rolling up Grand Ave just past the Commerce drive and my pedals locked up....WTF! I could still roll just not pedal....pulled over and started to look at the situation. My rear Campy cluster had loosened up, wedgeing itself against the inside of the rear stays.....only I can have shit like this happen. Finger tightened it up and hobbled to the shop for the fix with exactly 3hrs of riding in. I also started the first day of wieght lifting yesterday.....and of course I did legs.....they feel pretty good today a little tight...but we'll see how I feel this afternoon on today's 3hr tour. Although today will be done on the trainer (Johnny's) hopefully as outside riding just isn't going to happen today. Coach Cam is most definitely going to whoop my ass into some sort of shape just not sure which one:) Perhaps a knot.

08 flood damage....still has water flowing over it in 09:)

I really miss this trail, and would bet there are alot of folks who are in the scene now that never had a chance to ride it.



Bake said...

Got to ride that trail once...but I still have the memory.

Ryan and family said...

Great weather indeed. Did two hours of urban last night; downtown is fun late... no cars :)

Oh, and Saylorville will happen someday. Someday :)

Steve Fuller said...

Is that Boy Scout?

flatlandfuel said...

Wow, do I miss the Boy Scout trail. Rode it almost daily in the early 90s. I took Taylor Webb out there and hiked it a couple of years ago. Good memories.