Monday, February 09, 2009

3hrs of Booneville gravel on Sunday

Another great day of riding was had on Sunday morning. Took the 420 Express out this time. Last weekend was the first time I'd had her out since the rebuild with gears and needless to say some adjustments where needed after the 70 mile ride. With adjustments made and a new chain I was off for more fun. This time no ghosting, no miss shifts at all...perfect. Ended up hitting WWP for a few laps as I was a little bit short of my 3hr time. Looks like the Raccoon will be busting out any day now, along with Walnut Creek busting out into Denmans Woods. Let us pray for mild and dry spring:)



Brian said...

We were on opposite tracks this weekend. I rode some Booneville on Friday and did Cumming to Winterset yesterday. First time for both and I enjoyed both. Coming back north from Winterset is considerably easier than going out EXCEPT for that one BIG hill (you know the one).

Steve Fuller said...


There's a nice gravel route out to Winterset that's a couple of beasts on it if you need more hills. :)